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Transform your living space into a hub of entertainment with our top-tier products.

What products does Phoenix Projectors AV offer?

Our website features a diverse range of home entertainment products including cinematic projectors and screens from trusted brands like Phoenix Screens, Formovie, Tone Winner, and AWOL Vision​​, emphasising advancements in projector technology and image quality enhancement​​​​.

What warranty and service options are available for products purchased from Phoenix Projectors AV?

Phoenix Projectors AV provides warranty and service options, including Tone Winner Service Request, Tone Winner Warranty Registration, and Formovie Warranty Registration​​.

Can I get in touch with Phoenix Projectors AV for inquiries or support?

Yes, you can contact Phoenix Projectors AV via phone at +44(0)800 059 9006 or email at for any inquiries or support​​.

What is the company's philosophy regarding customer satisfaction?

Phoenix Projectors AV believes that if the customer isn’t happy, then we haven’t done our job, indicating a strong focus on customer satisfaction​​.

How does Phoenix Projectors AV enhance home entertainment experiences?

They offer products and technologies like Dolby Vision for HDR technology and Dolby Atmos for immersive home audio, aimed at elevating the home viewing and audio experience​​​​.

What advanced screen technologies are available at Phoenix Projectors AV?

Phoenix Projectors AV offers screens with Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) technology, designed to improve image quality in various lighting conditions​​. As well as acoustically transparent, and dual and rear projection materials.

What types of projectors are available, and which one is right for me?

Understanding the differences between LED, DLP, and LCD projectors will help you choose the best one for your needs based on factors like image quality, brightness, and budget​​.

How do brightness and resolution impact my projector viewing experience?

Brightness, measured in lumens, and resolution are critical for image clarity and visibility in different lighting conditions. Match your projector to your environment and the resolution of the content you’ll display​​.

What should I consider about projector throw distance when setting up my space?

Throw distance affects image size, and projectors vary from ultra-short throw for small spaces to long throw for larger venues. Choose based on your room size and installation flexibility​​.

Why is contrast ratio important in a projector, and how does it affect image quality?

A higher contrast ratio means more vibrant and detailed images, enhancing depth, color richness, and detail visibility in various lighting conditions​​. Higher contrast will also increase blacks immensely alongside an ALR screen 

What are the advantages of LED projectors regarding lamp life?

LED projectors offer longer lamp life, which means lower maintenance costs, greater convenience, and environmental benefits due to fewer lamp replacements​​.

How do additional features like built-in speakers, keystone correction, and wireless connectivity enhance my projector experience?

Additional features can provide convenience and enhance viewing experience, such as built-in speakers for sound, keystone correction for image alignment, and wireless connectivity for easy content sharing​​.

What types of projectors are suitable for a home cinema system?

For a home cinema, consider DLP projectors for high contrast and extremely long laser life of 20,000 hrs or more, LED projectors for long lamp life and vibrant colours, and LCD projectors for bright, affordable images. Ultra-short throw projectors are ideal for small spaces, providing large images from a short distance​​.

How does projector resolution affect my home cinema experience?

Higher resolutions like Full HD and 4K Ultra HD offer more detail and clarity, enhancing the immersive experience. Match the projector’s resolution with your content for the best visual fidelity​​.

What should I know about projector brightness for home viewing?

Lumens measure projector brightness; 1,500-2,500 lumens are suitable for dark rooms, while 3,000 lumens or more are recommended for rooms with ambient light. Balance brightness with your environment and viewing preferences​​.

Why is contrast ratio important for home projectors?

A high contrast ratio delivers deeper blacks and brighter whites, enriching the colour range and image depth for a cinematic experience. It is crucial for the realism and detail in movies and games​​.

How important is the lamp life of a projector?

Longer lamp life reduces maintenance and costs over time. Traditional lamps last 2,000-5,000 hours, while LED and laser projectors can exceed 20,000 hours, making them a cost-effective choice for frequent users​​.

What additional features should I look for in a home cinema projector?

Look for features like Android TV for streaming, built-in speakers for sound, keystone correction for image alignment, lens shift for installation flexibility, and 3D capabilities for an enhanced experience​​.

How do I choose the right projector for different room sizes?

Consider the throw distance and the projector’s placement relative to the screen. Short-throw projectors are suitable for smaller rooms, while long throw projectors are better for larger spaces or outdoor use​​.

Can projectors be used for gaming and live sports?

Yes, projectors with low input lag, high refresh rates, and good colour accuracy are excellent for gaming and watching live sports. Ensure the projector supports the resolution and frame rate of your gaming console or broadcast​​.

Are there environmentally friendly options for projectors?

LED projectors are more energy-efficient and have a longer lamp life, making them a greener choice due to less frequent lamp replacement and lower power consumption​​.

What connectivity options should my projector have for a home cinema system?

HDMI ports are essential for connecting to modern devices. Additional options like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are beneficial for streaming and sharing content wirelessly​​.

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